M-Box Computer Monitor

PC Diagnostics Tool

The average office employee loses up to 8% of productive time due to poor IT resources or inadequate personal computer skills. This problem seems to escape the attention of both employees and managers.

Responsible business owners or office managers would not want to go without a PC and server monitoring software that helps in the management of the hardware and keeps up office productivity. Tools like these are not just designed for computer fanatics that push their machine to the limits, but are particularly useful to those who wonder why their computer starts running so slow or that had to go through shutdowns or repairs due to high CPU temp after a fan got blocked or died.

Functions that are available from software apps and even from the task manager that is built in windows, but many of those seem to be developed by and for IT specialist, with too much information for a relative layman as result of which the relevant info may get lost.

What is M-Box Computer Monitor?

M-Box Diagnostics
  • Monitor relevant performance metrics of all your machines from 1 dashboard
  • Workstations and servers
  • Network connected or stand-alones
  • Insight in the hardware and software installed and running on the machines in your system
  • Receive notifications on critical computer issues to avoid non-productive downtime
  • Eliminate energy wasting on idle computers, save up to $30 per computer annually

For Whom


Small and Medium sized Business without dedicated IT staff

Business Owners & Managers

Business owners and office managers that do not have too much PC knowledge but that want to have peace of mind that system is stable and safe

IT experts

IT experts looking for an easy tool to monitor all machines in their custody

PC user

Anyone working with a PC and interested in maintaining system health

Main features

CPU Temperature

High temperature can cause the computer to crash/restart or it could burn the motherboard which calls for an expensive repair

(Historic) CPU usage

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of each system where all the instructions or calculations are performed. When a computer is slow, it is often caused by CPU overload. While diagnosing the problem, it may not be enough to see the current CPU-usage. A historic view (24 hrs) may reveal the real issue, even though at the moment the usage may seem OK.

RAM usage

High RAM (Random Access Memory) may slow down the performance if it makes the system swap to the hard disk frequently using it as a memory overflow. More RAM’s would be needed or less high-memory programs should be running. High RAM usage on modern operating systems is not necessarily a problem as long as the computer is running well: the computer may just be using the large RAM as a cache for frequently used files and program data (SuperFetch).

Software installed and active on each computer

Easy identify and eliminate unnecessary software each computer, it may slow down the computer while running in the background or it could be a distraction to your team member. This feature can be disabled for private computers that are monitored by the office.

Standby settings

Computers and monitors on standby do consume electricity, and although it may not bankrupt your business, it can add up to US$ 30 per workstation per year. An easy to eliminate kind of waste that makes the investment in this app more than worth while.

Server (and workstations) online

Via the dashboard it is easy to check which servers and workstations are currently online.

Hard disk status

Hard drives don’t have eternal life and they may fail unexpectedly. Modern drives are self monitoring, but there is no easy tool to pull up the data. The health status of each drive is presented in the dashboard and notifications can be set to send out warnings. Defragmented

Special Features

The M-Box PC and Server monitor software

One Dashboard

View all machines via 1 dashboard: The M-Box PC and server monitor can easily be installed to all the machines in your work-environment, even if they are not connected via a network.


Notification: Set your notification system to receive by email or mobile device notifications about developing issues that need attention to avoid slowdown or crashes.

Functionalities of Computer Monitor

Health monitoring of all computers in your company or work-group.

Save Energy

  • Monitor inactivity on computers
  • Monitor standby time computer
  • Monitor computer Power setting (screen, sleep)

Improve Security

  • Windows update status
  • Windows defender status
  • Antivirus software availability and version
  • Firewall setting

Admin console

  • Central data collection
  • Historical data

Web-portal and Mobile App

Web-portal and Mobile App

Central Console

Central Console to monitor the computers over different locations

Installed software

  • Software library with automatic and adjustable categorization (productive/unproductive)

Asset management

  • Windows operating system version
  • Processor type
  • Installed ram
  • System type

Monitor system health

  • CPU history and peaks
  • Memory history and peaks
  • Disk usage (free memory)
  • Computer processes

Preventive maintenance

  • Processor temperature monitor

Automatic network scan

  • Detects new systems on your network

Fully encrypted

Only your organization can access your data


No attention required. Stay informed via regular reports and receive notification when a computer needs your attention. Push notifications via browser, mobile device or email.

Different Versions of Computer Monitor

PC Diagnostics Tool

Office PC

Office PC: monitor processes and performance

All PCs in the network

Local network: keeps all data in one account


Server: monitor server parameters

Home laptop

Home Laptop/PC: monitor health condition of your PC/laptop


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