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General Questions

Are these apps offered as SaaS?

Yes, the M-Box apps are all SaaS service, which means it is available as long as the (very reasonable) subscription fees are paid.

Is your software open source

The software is proprietary software, which means it is developed by us and it is not open source.

Do the apps run independently from each other?

Yes, all the applications run independently, which means you can decide which tool to run where and when.

Which versions of the Time and Task Manager do you offer? Do you also offer server monitoring software?

– Office version:
Monitors any workstation where a valid login was used to start the app. Monitoring of activity can be paused via the break button.

– Private version:
For use of office work on private computer. The app is only active after starting the productivity clock.

– Server version:
monitor activity on server via the app. All activity (irrespective of login) is monitored. The server version of the app is connected to a particular machine only.

Can I track my activities on various devices simultaneously?

Yes. The system is set to track on the latest device on which the user has started the tracking clock. The previous device tracking will automatically be stopped.

Uninterrupted Performance

What happens in case of PC-failure?

We recommend M-Box Diagnostics to be aware of developing PC problems, so that downtime can be avoided.

For the Time and Task Manager application, PC failure is no problem if you can find another machine with the application installed. In case of emergency, the application can easily be downloaded and installed, so you can be back to work in no time.

What happens in case of Internet Failure?

In case of internet failure, the PC keeps collecting data and it will upload this data once the connection is restored.

Billing and subscriptions

Do you have free trial? How many days?

The free trial lasts for 30 days. Just go ahead; create your account and register all the machines you intend to monitor. After 20 days you will receive a reminder to register your payment method and make the payment. If you do not make the payment, the service will be discontinued after the 30 days have passed.

How will I be billed?

When the payment date is approaching you will receive a reminder in your email that the new invoice is available. Settle the payment via your preferred method to continue the services. As we try to minimize the number of transactions and invoices, we synchronize all new (and future) subscriptions to your original account set-up date for one annual bill for all our services.

Do you work with private customers who want to monitor only his own PC's (not office)?

Yes, anyone who wants just a single machine monitored can subscribe. In fact the tools can be very helpful when used in a home environment to monitor different PC’s or as a time management training tool for (school) projects.

Installation and Set-up

How can I handle the installations?

– Download the app of your choice from the download page. You will have to provide your email address.
– Simply run the installation file (*.exe).
– Your initial login credentials are mailed to you.
– Login to the website to set-up your account.

From there you will be guided through the account set-up with useful tooltips and tutorial videos on each page.

You will not need a credit card for the initial login. Instead, you can just start using the tools and will be reminded 5-10 days before the trial period expires.

Is it possible to get assistance with the account or system set-up?

In case you feel the need for further help, please don’t hesitate to contact our help desk: open a support ticket or request a callback.

Security and Privacy

How secure is the M-Box system?

Privacy and security is very important to our clients and ourselves. All data on our servers are therefore protected following a defense in depth approach where we use multiple layers of defense. All communication between PC’s and servers according to IPsec standard which is the only way to achieve full protection of all communication over IP network.

Our engineers will monitor the performance M-Box itself, but cannot see any client specific data or reports. In case of technical problems, the standard support user is activated by the client. In that mode, they can manage what our support staff can see while solving the issues at hand. After the support session, the client resets to default where data are protected and private again.

How accurate are the data collections?

The data collected is extremely accurate. All Boxes and components (including sensors) are tested extensively before shipment. The software labels each data record received with a serial number and servers verify if all records are indeed complete. In this way, we have a full guarantee that all records that are generated indeed arrive at our servers for analysis and reporting.

How to reset the systems?

The system cannot be manually reset by yourself. All data is kept, only over time we sum the details:
– All records kept for 24 hours
– After 12 hours the data are grouped per day
– After one month we group per week.

In the unlikely case you decide that M-Box would be of no further added value to you we will delete all existing records connected to your account from our servers.