Pricing of M-Box Tools

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Time and Task Manager

Productivity software for Teams
Improve team productivity with this App (SaaS) to track and manage project tasks and project hours on various devices per user account. $1.20/user Monthly Plan $12.00/user Annual Plan

Remarks on M-Box Project Manager's pricing:

Fair Price

First and foremost: Our product is not free. The price that we charge is fair: it covers the cost to provide this service.

Always remember, if you are not the customer, you are the product. There is no such thing as a free lunch. 

Uniform Price

We do not have complex pricing programs, instead you get access to the full functionality of our system. Whatever is useful to you is available. You can create an unlimited number of projects and tasks for the flat rate per user that you connect to the system and that participates in your operation. 

Highest Security

The confidentiality of your company data and the privacy of your team members are of the highest importance. Naturally, we do not sell any data to third parties. Never. With the end-to-end encryption, it is impossible for ourselves to access any client generated data, unless in screen sharing mode activated by the client.  

Existing Infrastructure

Our Office Productivity apps run on the existing database structure that is put in place for M-Box shop-floor monitoring system. That means we only need to charge the extra cost involved to host your data on the existing servers.  

How To Help

Obviously, we do want to grow our client base, who doesn’t? However, we cannot repay any favor rendered by offering some free time on our subscription fees that are already ridiculously low. Your help to spread the word by sharing or emailing the link to this site will be very helpful and welcome.