Functionalities of Computer Monitor

PC Diagnostics Tool

Different Versions of Computer Monitor

PC Diagnostics Tool

Office PC

Office PC: monitor processes and performance

All PCs in the network

Local network: keeps all data in one account


Server: monitor server parameters

Home laptop

Home Laptop/PC: monitor health condition of your PC/laptop

Functionalities of Computer Monitor

Health monitoring of all computers in your company or work-group.

Save Energy

  • Monitor inactivity on computers
  • Monitor standby time computer
  • Monitor computer Power setting (screen, sleep)

Improve Security

  • Windows update status
  • Windows defender status
  • Antivirus software availability and version
  • Firewall setting

Admin console

  • Central data collection
  • Historical data

Web-portal and Mobile App

Web-portal and Mobile App

Central Console

Central Console to monitor the computers over different locations

Installed software

  • Software library with automatic and adjustable categorization (productive/unproductive)

Asset management

  • Windows operating system version
  • Processor type
  • Installed ram
  • System type

Monitor system health

  • CPU history and peaks
  • Memory history and peaks
  • Disk usage (free memory)
  • Computer processes

Preventive maintenance

  • Processor temperature monitor

Automatic network scan

  • Detects new systems on your network

Fully encrypted

Only your organization can access your data


No attention required. Stay informed via regular reports and receive notification when a computer needs your attention. Push notifications via browser, mobile device or email.


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