Functionalities of the M-Box Project and Task Manager

With Activity Monitor Integrated

Functionalities M-Box Project and Task Manager

Project management and activity monitor combined in a powerful application. All your projects integrate with the company's resources in grid or board view.

Easy project setup

Preset, customizable, project phases let you follow the projects from beginning to end. Also, you can create non-customer related internal projects.

  • Development phase
  • Quotations
  • Manage sales orders and purchases
  • Monitor production
  • Manage shipping

Multiple Views per Project

Task list / Chart view / Calendar view / Chart

Filter by Status / Project step / Due date / Assignee / Resource

Seamless connections with customers and suppliers

Invite customers and suppliers to participate on the project boards. Flexible settings let you decide which tasks are visible for whom. 

A parallel board will be created for supplier in the portal of the external party on which he can assign tasks for his team members (not visible to you). 

Company Overview

View the active status of all projects, tasks, and jobs and their count in the different phases in a glance or filter per location, customer or project. 

Company Locations

You can create multiple locations for your company, each with their own Projects and Activity Units.

Activity Units

Create your own units in your company, for example according to your department structure: Sales, Production, Services, Purchasing, Shipping, etc. You can create as many units as needed, each with one or more activities (Development, cost calculation, orders, purchases, supplier quotations, shipping)

Schedule production jobs to your equipment

Create equipment resources to plan production jobs or use the M-Box to monitor machine uptime. 


  • Unlimited tasks, meetings, discussions and projects
  • No experience or manual needed
  • Full task traceability
  • Central task and status overview
  • Admin console for workload and time analysis
  • Agenda
  • Task dependencies
  • Gantt chart
  • Integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, Alicloud

Task Statuses

All tasks are color coded according to their status

  • New tasks (Not started)
  • Accepted by assignee
  • In progress
  • Completed
  • Confirmed: the task creator confirms and approves the task before it can be closed

My Tasks

Every user has his own board with all his/her tasks of all the projects, with multiple views.

Fully multi language

Work accross border with the multi language functionality. Communications can be set to translate automatically with your own dictionary for specific translations. 

File strorage

Up to 5 GB files storage per user with 2 GB download capacity per month

Data Security

Manage company data access of your staff per project or client. Control and keep track of file downloads. 

Fully encrypted

Only your company can access your data

Web-portal and Mobile App

Web-portal and Mobile App

Push Notifications

Push notifications via browser, mobile device or email

Manager's Board

Activity Monitor Functionalities
  • Fully user controlled monitor system, activity is tracked during “productive time” only
  • Admin console to activate or deactivate activity monitoring
  • Screenshots (optional blurred)
  • Key stokes and mouse clicks (no keystroke logging)
  • Internet search history, with keyword monitor
  • Browser history
  • File access history
  • Automatic categorization of active applications and web pages
  • Location tracking (phone app), when the user starts the activity monitor

Different versions of the Activity Monitor

Integrated in Project Manager Tool


Office use: monitor activity upon valid user login with the option for private time


Home use: monitor activity upon starting the clock for productive time


Server use: monitor when active, uninterrupted


Mobile: allocate productive time when on the road with GPS tracker


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